Monday, July 10, 2006

It's been a good few days. Obviously, as you can see from the picture, it was my graduation day on Friday. It was a prety good day, perhaps until Katherine Jenkins started singing, bless her. The meal afterwards was quite pleasant as was the party. I am, however, heartily pissed off that I had to spend the last hour of the bash nursing a very pissed Drew. The security were covering their backs and called an ambulance, predictably they wouldn't do anything with her so we had to get Big G to pick us up and carry her back to Jonny's house and up the stairs to bed. To be fair, I'm more pissed off by the fact that we didn't get an apology or a thank-you for staying with her all night making sure she was ok. Apart from that it was a quality evening.

Saturday was mainly spent sleeping and weeing after watching Dr Who, what a lovely sad episode, with many many similarities to The Amber Spyglass but that's never a bad thing. Russel T Davies actually became a fellow of our college on Friday, and I was disappointed I couldn't get to meet him, but hey ho.Yesterday I just chilled out, tried to get someone to see Pirates with me and someone to cover my shift at work so I could go and see said film, both without luck.

Then george came over and we had some serious drinks and chat, talking everything over. It's amazing how after all these years, nothing has changed between us all and we're still all best of friends. Then James came over and we had a few more drinks and chats and then he told me that Mark B still fancies me which caused much hilarity. This was the guy who when I turned him down when I was 14, yes 14 years old, he went on a run up Caerphilly mountain with a weighted back pack to try and get me off his mind. I only found that out a few years ago too, funny funny times. Anyway, it's been a pleasant few days just relaxing and catching up on things. I still haven't seen Pirates yet, but that's tonights mission! Yes.


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