Thursday, March 02, 2006

Days Like These

It's been a good day today. I got up at about 9am and just chilled for an hour before going to the village to buy Marcus some PJs and get my SORN form from the post office, and then went to the mountain. Now, taking Poppy up the mountain is one of my favourite things to do, ever. Today was just amazing, it was snowy but it was so bright and sunny it was gorgeous. It felt a bit different too, then I realised I was the only person there, and usually there are quite a few dog walkers around. It was quite exciting and me and Poppy played in the snow for ages :-)

I got home all messy and had a bit of dinner and done a bit of practice, not as much as I'd like though, then picked my Mam up to take her to my Uncle and Aunties. I haven't been there for so long, it was so comforting to be there, all my happy childhood memories came flooding back like nobody's business. It made me regret not going back as often. My Auntie Norma is like some kind of rock for the entire Hughes family, yet she's only about 4ft 11, she is such an amazing woman and my Uncle Vic (affectionately known as 'Dicker') is the male version but considerably taller by about a foot and a half. He's one of those strong men who everyoe respects, a tall strong pillar of the community. I know that if I ever had any trouble, Norma and Dicker would be right there as they practically brought me up. They adored me and my brother, especially taking comfort in us being around when their son, my cousin, David killed himself when we were very young. Me and my Mam were chatting about a new house for her, she can't afford to stay in Cardiff really and I hope and pray that she'll move back to Trelewis as it's my proper home and we can be around all my family again. Today made me all happy. Apart from some awful awful news I received about my little 15yr old cousin Michael which there's no way I can repeat, but it's not good. And another one of my cousins, Corale, is pregnant at 17 with a guy called Ziggy (!). One of my Mam's old friends was surprised to find out that she wasn't a Grandmother, such is life up there.

Now I'm off to visit Marcus and take him some pyjamas after his operation to take his appendix out. And there was me thinking I was going to have a nice quiet day to get on with my dissertation...


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